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Cheap supermarket prices

Cheap supermarket prices

Pruces you've never gone to a Suprmarket Basket Discounted food items and you happen Cheap supermarket prices live near one, you have to check it out — you may just be shocked at how low the prices are. Related: Costco Prepared Meals That'll Feed Your Whole Family. Get Fit How to Create a Home Gym. What I found interesting was that they had the lowest prices on over items but the second lowest on only


How are groceries so expensive? Comparing prices from previous years (INFLATION!) Chep seems like priices has affected all aspects of our Reduced price grocery essentials, and this is especially true for Discounted food items. The Reduced price grocery essentials shift is most Online sample giveaways when supernarket making your weekly trip to the supermarket. However, supermar,et all stores were created equal. Minimizing your grocery bill starts by picking the stores with the lowest possible prices. We've rounded up the top six low-cost grocery stores in the United States, from regionally specific chains to nationwide and even international brands. These stores have everything you may need for your grocery haul without the massive price tag. If you haven't shopped at Aldi yet, you're missing out on some of the cheapest groceries around.

Cheap supermarket prices -

Meijer and Kroger are considered higher end grocery stores, but they have a large reach with great sales. I left those stores out of this comparison because I wanted a true comparison. For the sake of this research, Walmart, Aldi, Meijer and Kroger were the four stores I chose to compare. I started by making a list of the most common grocery items any household would use.

Then, I added some more specific items that our family uses regularly. Finally, I asked the Joyfully Thriving Facebook page for their feedback and got a lot of great requests for items to add to the list.

I wanted a fair representation of various areas of the grocery store so I focused on 10 different shopping categories. The categories I used were:. I came up with a list of items in 10 categories that I compared at all 4 stores.

I made a huge spreadsheet with all the grocery items and then I began comparing prices at the stores. Next, I went through the store and wrote down prices for everything on my list.

I also used the store apps to check some prices. Some products were name-brand specific but many were simply for the cheapest generic version of whatever store brands that particular store carried available. I did not include fresh produce in this price comparison since it varies so much by season.

I compared ounces to ounces. If a size was different than what was listed, I noted that on the price comparison, and chose the lowest price per ounce option as the cheapest price. I tried to stick to the same sizes as much as I was able. For the sake of true comparison, I used everyday prices and did not factor sales into this list.

I simply wanted to know who had the lower prices. Please know that prices vary in different parts of the country. These prices are Northern Indiana prices as of April Wherever you live, I still believe you can use these results to help you save money on your grocery bill. After multiple store shopping trips and researching through various store apps, my list was finally done.

Once I found the price totals, I went through and started comparing price to see which was the cheapest grocery store. First, I went through and highlighted the absolute lowest price for every item. If there was a store that tied on the price, both those stores were highlighted.

As I was comparing results, I realized that several stores were within pennies of each other. If you were already shopping at one store, it makes sense to pick up other items that are still a good deal.

Keeping that in mind, I went back through the lists and highlighted every price that was within 5 cents of the lowest price. This gave them a mark for the second lowest price. There were a couple times when stores had the exact same price so multiple stores counted as the lowest price.

There were also several times when multiple stores had the second lowest price, coming in close to the lowest. I counted them all, which is why it might not appear to perfectly add up. If you are a number geek like I am, then it should all make sense! Finally, I tallied up the totals — both in numbers and percentages out of Here is what I found.

You can clearly see that Aldi has the most lowest prices and Kroger has the least. There are a few categories where all 4 stores have prices within a nickel, but only a few. Aldi had the lowest prices on two-thirds of the items on my master comparison list. That is a lot! Years ago, Meijer used to be my go-to store to stock up at everything at a low price — but not anymore!

I was truly surprised by how few of the lowest prices Meijer had. Meijer really does not have the best deals on very many things at all. Aldi was the cheapest in almost a third of the categories.

What I found interesting was that they had the lowest prices on over items but the second lowest on only Also, since Aldi does not carry everything, there were several items on the list that could not be compared at Aldi.

As for Walmart? Walmart is giving Aldi a run for their money. Many of the times when Aldi had the lowest price, Walmart was pennies behind. The advantage to Walmart is that they have everything that Aldi does not. To some people, this is worth paying a couple more cents on items to not have to go to a different store.

Kroger is definitely the most expensive if you shop without sales! This chart does not take sales into account so it is difficult to see that represented. Kroger also has gas rewards and more digital coupons, both of which Aldi and Walmart do not.

That definitely is worth considering when you are comparing prices. If you are going by the everyday low prices at the store, the clear winner to the cheapest grocery store in is Aldi.

Walmart is a runner up, with Meijer and Kroger trailing behind. Walmart is probably the cheapest grocery store available nationwide with overall low grocery prices. I say probably, because Walmart does not have sales, so that is a factor because sale shopping can save you a lot of money on groceries.

To find the cheapest grocery store near you, do your own quick price comparison at your local grocery stores. Here is how you can do this project in less than an hour. Start by making a list of 20 to 25 items you buy on a regular basis.

Trust me. Pick the top 2 dozen items you use every week and start there. Then, make a list of the grocery stores nearest to you. Maybe you will be surprised by your findings! Next, take your list and price those 25 products at your local grocery store and the grocery chains nearest you.

Quick tip. Many grocery stores now have great websites or apps where you can view the prices from the comfort of your own home. For Aldi, unfortunately, you have to venture into the store to see the actual prices. Aldi uses Instacart to fulfill online orders so prices online are slightly higher than in store.

If you want a true price comparison, go in person to Aldi to compare prices. Once you have compared prices at your closest stores, hopefully it will be clear who has the cheapest groceries near you. I did it in , and While prices have definitely increased in the past year, Aldi is still the winner as it was back in Here are the results.

I did the original research in when Walmart was the cheapest. This is a huge difference from what we see now! What can we take away from this? It is important to continually monitor prices because they do change. Lidl made the cheapest grocery store list with their intentional efficiency standards.

Their stores are designed to get shoppers in and out quickly—meaning they can sell more products to more shoppers. Instead, they just put a new box of produce on the stand. Good news for families trying to eat healthy on a budget: Lidl has a reputation for top-shelf produce.

Budget-savvy shoppers know the most important part of saving on your groceries is to meal plan, so check out their myLidl app to find great sales ahead of time. This petite grocery store is more than just a store to its fans—shopping there is an adventure. Not a bad uniform if you ask me!

Most of their products are store brand , so they can say yes to low prices and no to the middleman. They also put supplier shelving fees on the chopping block, and in exchange, vendors provide their merchandise at a discount.

But there is good news: Everything is always priced as low as possible. I use my Costco membership every week thanks to all the wonderful things they offer.

Trust me. Costco is on a never-ending quest for efficiency. And have you ever seen a Costco commercial? They do almost no traditional advertising, passing the savings on to customers. Plus , their Kirkland Signature brand is a great way to save—and still enjoy the quality of your favorite name brands.

Made by Starbucks. And at Christmastime, did you know you can even buy real American Girl dolls at a discount? Today, thanks to its huge global footprint, Walmart can get lower prices from its vendors, then pass those savings on to customers.

Walmart is known for the basics—pantry staples, toiletries, laundry detergents and cleaning supplies. And even though I personally tend to eat like a 5-year-old, you healthy eaters will be happy to know Walmart now has organic, keto and gluten-free items. Food 4 Less is an affordable grocery chain you knew that already—it made the cheapest grocery store list!

with stores scattered throughout the West Coast. When you visit a bright yellow Food 4 Less, you could be going into an independent store or one operated by Kroger. Not only are they budget friendly, but some also have Mexican-style carniceria meat departments. A Mexican deli? Our expert, award-winning staff selects the products we cover and rigorously researches and tests our top picks.

If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement. Here's how much you'll save shopping at the beloved discount grocery chain. Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's can save you heaps. We did the math to find out exactly how much.

Trader Joe's has built a small empire on daffy branding and cheap groceries that rival the quality of those at much more expensive supermarkets. TJ's loyalists -- you either are one or know one -- rave about the chain's specific items, many of which can be found only at Trader Joe's, but the store's low prices are what really keep the fervent fanbase coming back.

So is Trader Joe's really that much cheaper than a typical grocery store? I did the math anyway to find out. The savings were honestly even bigger than I anticipated. Here's the full breakdown and how much you might save shopping at the beloved discount grocer.

For more price comparisons, check out how much you can save by shopping at Costco , if it's cheaper to buy meal kits than groceries , if shopping for groceries online is less expensive than in the store , and how much you can save with streaming services vs.

First things first. In understanding the potential cost savings of shopping only at Trader Joe's, it's important to know where TJ's products come from, whether we're speaking of flour and butter or Unexpected Cheddar and Butter Chicken.

Exclusive free samples Shukuya is a staff pices at Cheapism covering tech, prifes, product reviews, and personal finance. Reduced price grocery essentials in California, Cheap supermarket prices work has previously pruces featured in Capital Public Radio, Submerge Magazine, and City on a Hill Press. Have you noticed that prices continue to climb at the grocery store? Prices are so elevated that more consumers are shopping at multiple retailers to find the best deals. Grocery Benchmark Study. MarketForce surveyed 6, U. Cheap supermarket prices

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