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Affordable restaurant outings

Affordable restaurant outings

Dig into delicious dumplings like Afforvable healthy steamed veggie, chicken Afffordable Affordable restaurant outings, all accompanied with a spicy dipping sauce. The food was amazing. Simple, big, quality and tasty burgers for a great price.


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Affordable restaurant outings -

I ordered delivery recently and was more than satisfied. I had all condiments and my precise directions were followed. Thank you for always being on point, delivering great service, and taking safety measures with the handling of the food.

Great JOB 👍. absolutely love this location! the workers are always nice and the food always comes out hot and fresh. the food is absolutely delicious — my favorite taco is always the plantain taco and salmon.

i find myself craving these tacos at night all the time! they have also great vegetarian options too. one of my favorite spots and i heavily recommend! The food is fresh, but not flavorful.

Not really sure what I ate. The food seemingly used fresh ingredients, but everything just tasted so bland. Even the sauce was bland. The breakfast tacos at El Rey were excellent. They have a large variety of breakfast tacos as well as other lunch and dinner options all at a reasonable price.

The thing I most noticed about the tacos were that they felt very fresh. I will definitely be coming back here to try more items on the menu. Frank's Pizza is a no-frills, late night pizza parlor in Downtown Houston that crowds regularly for its delicious slices of New York-style thin crust pizza.

Frank's also has a two-level open air bar next door that makes it the perfect spot for drinks and socializing after a long day of work or to celebrate a night out. The pizza is always fresh and cooked to perfection, and is even better with the addition of Frank's backyard next door. Slide 1 of 8.

Best pizza in Houston! I love their pizza! OMG it I so Good!!! Only downside that they are in downtown but the price is so good for the quality of pizza you get!!! Yum yum and yum!

If you are a pizza lover you must go try it out! Frank's Pizza will forever be home in my heart! I've been coming to Frank's for over a decade.

Every celebration in my family involved coming downtown to explore, appreciate the city, and ALWAYS having a slice of Frank's Pizza. It's funny how this little hole in the wall changes an entire block, everyone exiting the restaurant walks out with the biggest smile on their face, and in a much better mood than when they walked in.

I love bringing friends and family visiting Houston to Frank's Pizza, it is a STAPLE in my book. Just take my biased love, and affection for this pizza restaurant, and a gander at the photos I took.

The photos speak for themselves. Thank you for making it all the way through my rant. Best American style pizza in town! The place is classic and located in the middle of downtown, just a block away from Main St and the Houston wall mural, make it a must go.

Tomatoes sauce tastes great and the dough is always well made. Prices are affordable. You can get the whole pizza or by slices. The pizza crust is scrumptious any toppings would taste awesome with this crust. The cheesesteak with fries was also very good.

We visited Frank's Pizza last weekend on our visit to Houston from San Antonio. The Pizza and our salad was so delicious! The price is also very reasonable. We actually ordered a whole pizza fresh from the oven As an aside, it is in a perfect location to take photos downtown.

It was an awesome visit! The place is nice and very small. Gets packed very easily during the night! Good food for the price, we ordered an xl cheese pizza and fifteen wings, and they all tasted as expected. It was very delicious and good quality, as if it was from an NYC pizzeria. Definitely recommend giving this place a try if you want to have one of the best pizza Downtown Houston has to offer.

Houston classic. If you want the best NY style slices in Houston this is the place. Ask when the new pizzas come out if they're not already flying and get a supreme slice. Eating there to enjoy the Movie posters of movies filmed in Houston. Nice touch. Great service great pizza.

What more could you ask for? For exactly what I wanted and had a great experience. We sat right next to the guy taking out the pizzas from the oven. I enjoyed that! Coming back for sure. Slide 1 of 3. Tacos A Go Go is a legendary spot for tacos in the city.

The restaurant opens early each morning and stays open late into the night, so it's great for breakfast tacos or street tacos any time of day.

Authentic Mexican food is delicious, and the fresh salsas will have you raving! Amazing tacos, I did not expect them to be so good. This is not a fancy place just some great tacos in the Houston tunnels.

Very fresh and fast service. Some of the best tacos I have had, better than in the expensive restaurants. I had two breakfast tacos.

They were massive. I ended up eating one for breakfast and one three hours later. The filling was very good. Good egg, good vegetables, good meat.

The tortilla was solid as well. I now know of a place in the tunnels for when I'm stuck in downtown Houston. The chips and salsa were the only redeeming factor in the score. The tortilla was not fresh and the beef was salty.

My last visit also had a salty taco so I guess it's a thing here. All all this sauce didn't even improve the texture of that tortilla. This was a convenient stop since I forgot lunch today.

Just not a tasty one. I tried their new mushrooms taco for 3. I hope it was not poisonous. I was expecting sauteed mushrooms and I got crumbled mushrooms that did not look like mushrooms.

On top of that the crumbs inside look black. Do not buy that taco. The other tacos are okay. Wow this place is over hyped.

Below average food. Had the 2 tacos Texas monthly says are must try tacos. Yea they are not must try. Pollo guidada and lamb barbacoa on what seemed like out of plastic tortillas.

Taco Bell's beans are much better than the beans here they actually taste like right out of the can. Les Givral's is a cash-only Vietnamese eatery that specializes in banh mi sandwiches.

The food here is super spicy and crunchy, and you'll be able to find some great protein options, like chargrill-meatball and chargrill-barbecue pork with pate.

You can also get rice sheets with veggies and protein if you're feeling really hungry, or go for the beef fried rice if you're looking for something more substantial.

Just wow. The banh mi are prepared on crispy, fresh baguettes, with the crunchiest of veggies and tender, flavorful pork. The shop is super clean and staff are following health and safety guidance.

This is the best Vietnamese food ever! In the whole of Houston AND surrounding areas! That being said when are you opening back up???? I miss you guys terribly. Patiently waiting! I check every once in a while hoping they came back. Houston definitely lost out, always friendly.

We came here for lunch just about 30 minutes after opening but the line was already long. Most customers just ordered to-go instead of dine-in. Their price is very cheap and even cheaper than in Vietnamese town in Bellaire.

All dishes are very delicious and huge. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to try Vietnamese food. The perfect cheap eats I drive by here at least a few times a week and finally today made the stop. And I was delighted. The food is simply but tasty.

As you walk in, the spring rolls are packed for choosing. If you are fancy the fried spring roll they are on the corner of the display case.

If you want a true Asian spring roll the 3-pack can remember what it is called that has Asian cured sausage, egg, dried shrimp, is the best.

Food selection is great. Be aware the quantity is Texasized: massive. All for 6 to 7 dollars which is quite fantastic. Bun mi here is very tasty, although no beef option.

One thing I highly recommend is tofu anything here. In general tofu dishes are bland but the tofu here is seasoned so you taste it. Happy eating! Show 2 more.

At Aladdin, in the heart of Montrose, you can select from a variety of Mediterranean-style dishes, all at a fraction of the price of comparable restaurants in Houston. The buffet-style layout makes it easy for vegetarians to find their fare, and the service is friendly and accommodating.

We were looking for a small, casual hole in the wall kind of place to eat good food. There wasn't a lot of available parking behind the restaurant, though we found a spot immediately.

The restaurant greeted us with a variety of delicious aromatic smells of Mediterranean flavors. The service was fast and friendly. The food looked extremely appetizing and was immaculately presented behind the counter. We were surprised at the very generous sized portions and delighted by the very inexpensive prices.

Our food was fresh and hot! The smells that greeted may have teased our senses, though the flavors most definitely pleased our palette. The restaurant has a relaxing, casual vibe and was extremely clean.

We will definitely return and highly recommend if you're looking for great food with out breaking the bank! They give you so much food and one platter us easily enough for 2 people. We left with so much leftovers.

It does get a little confusing if you go order in person but you just go up to the counter and pick your entrees and sides. It seemed a little disorganized but the food more than made up for it. The Lamb Shank slid right off the bone, I highly recommend it.

I love Aladdin's! Everything is always made to perfection. The best halal restaurant in Houston. I have had plenty of Mediterranean cuisine but this place had a taste like no other.

The bread is like soft CRACK you just can't have a small piece. I will be returning to this place when I'm in the neighborhood to pick up more fresh food with that undeniably delicious bread of theirs.

Mentioned on 3 lists. Fat Bao is an Asian fusion food joint that serves up steamed buns filled with a variety of different ingredients. The buns are served with special fat fries that are perfect for dipping in your favorite condiment.

Some of the most popular items at Fat Bao are soft-shelled crabs, pork belly, smoked salmon, and duck. Such a wide variety of Bao. Great flavors, and friendly staff. My friend and I ordered 7 or 8 different Bao as well as the home made chips and we loved just about all of them! Bulgari, Pork Katsu, and fried fish were the absolute best.

The Memphis and Thai were good, just needed a little something extra. The tofu and crab were our least favorite. Still yummy, but just not jaw dropping.

The chips were super hot and fresh and everything came out so quickly! Will definitely go back again! Downsides: The prices aren't listed on the board, and I didn't realize you only get one Bao instead of multiple.

A lot of plastic waste. Pros: The bao tastes really good and they offer a variety of options that allow you to try new things without having to get a lot. The vibes are really nice here, they play good music and the workers are nice. Really love the Bao buns here, my favourite is the Spicy Thai - the sauce is spicy and delicious.

The Bao is fresh and soft and worth trying. They have various options and i am sure that everything tastes good. One Bao is small and may be should try more than one. The Fat fries here are good too, the kimcheenaise tastes in the fries is really good. The fries are thin and crispy.

Overall it's a good experience. It's a self service restaurant and I recommend finding a seat before you load your hands your order! Absolutely Loved this spot. The food was great and service was awesome.

Took my daughter for her Birthday and she Loved it. We ordered the Pork Belly, Curry Beef, Duck, and Spicy Chicken Boas and the Yummy Fries. Everything was very Good. Nothing special about the Yummy Byrd but the fried bun is a nice touch.

The Crab Daddy is good but the bun is way too oily. It would have tasted better if they could just remove the excessive oil from the soft shell crab before putting it on the bun.

Very disappointed. We were excited to eat here after reading good reviews and seeing a packed restaurant. Service was fast and friendly but the food was either bland or the flavors did not mix well. Had the spicy Thai bao and it was a chicken finger dipped in sauce. The chicken fat fries are bits of chicken nuggets with fries and hot sauce.

Would not recommend this place. Stay organized with a to-do list, packing list, shopping list, any kind of list. La Calle is a mexican restaurant that serves up some of the best street tacos in town. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the food is classic and delicious.

Finally got the chance to try this place and I was not disappointed. The menu is nice and simple, the place has plenty of seating and the food comes out fast! The food definitely tasted like I was back in Mexico!

The food had so much flavor, it tasted fresh and the stuff was spicy which I LOVE! They also have different deals for every day of the week.

Definitely want to come back to try other stuff. Great location, by downtown. First time here since Im from out of town and I loved it. Love the vibes, how authentic the inside of the restaurant is.

The menu was real easy to read and meals to choose from. The tacos were delicious. Staff were nice and friendly when ordering food. Went over to the bar side for a few drinks and had a great service from the bartender named Poncho.

He offered us a special Margarita which was prepared with love and we felt it. I ordered with Roger, whom wad equally awesome, the Brirra tacos which was my 1st time trying and won't be my last.

Every other restaurant has a very high bar to meet. First timer and will hopefully return the next time I'm in Houston. I had a great experience Dined in. Let them know it was my first time they explained how simple everything was. Got the Birria Torta it was delicious 🤤 The bolillo was so soft , everything just melted in my mouth.

They have q salsa buffet which made it even better!!! My favorite is the spicy avocado salsa! Tried the Lemonade with chia seeds! Great touch! Definitely would come back.

Me and my wife were in town for a few days and spent the majority of it eating tacos. It was late on a Friday night we were exhausted after a work event and took an Uber La Calle as it was recommended to us. The food and the service were fantastic. We ended up going twice in as many days.

Tortillas were fresh, all the meat options were seasoned so well. I appreciated all the drink options as well. Good Dog Houston is a hot dog joint that specializes in creative franks and buns with housemade condiments. They have a patio for pet parents to enjoy their dogs, as well as an ice cold beer.

Nice establishment with inside and outside seating. Not too big on hot dogs for dinner but I might be a fan of Gourmet hot dogs. First meal all day so I had to go all out. Ordered the Ol' Zapata,quite scrumptious especially the bread, it had a sweet taste that complimented it well.

Also the aioli dip with the fries something crucial, I'm telling you. The Fizzy Mint Lemonade, was decent if you not a fan of lime I wouldn't go for it. All in all it was pretty good. I tried Good Dog with little expectations outside of a higher priced lunch.

The place was clean with good service. I looked at some reviews before I decided to go there and got lured by the Beer Cheese Soup. I ordered the soup, a side of their fresh cut fries and a Rodeo Dog on a recommendation from a staff member.

As I was in line another patron in front of me ordered the Rodeo dog so that gave me some confidence in what I was ordering I maybe should've went basic on my first go The dog is loaded with stuff..

some ingredients that go together and some that should be left on the side. The beer cheese soup was good, but I needed more buttered bread. It was really sour and the buttered bread they give on the side really went well with it. The fries were excellent.

They make all the condiments in house. The ketchup and aoli were a little bland, but some table salt livened them up good. I'll be back when I'm ready to drop some dime and I'll be sure to go a little plainer on the dog if I get one.

Less is more here. I went there for their Chili Cheese Dog. View menu View their Facebook page View their Instagram account 1 Dao St. Bayan Bayanan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Concepcion 2 , Marikina City. Pancake House is more than just pancakes, waffles, and breakfast plates—they also serve really good chicken!

Consider Holiday Pan Chicken Box Set that comes with 4 pieces of Pan Chicken Fillet, 8 pieces of nuggets, 2 regular spaghetti, 4 coleslaw, 4 brownie brites, 2 dips and gravy, and 1. Feeling like you want to Mix and Match? Check out the Mix and Match Paan Chicken promo where you can choose any 4 from Plant-Based Pan Chicken Burgers, Pan Chicken Fillet, Pan Chicken Waffle, and more!

This deal comes with various sides and drinks. Good for 4 peopl e! View menu View branches View their Facebook page View their Instagram page. In need of some roasted chicken to get you through the tough week? Did somebody say pizza party? View branches View their Facebook page View their Instagram page.

When it comes to family feasts and nakakabusog Filipino food , Classic Savory is the number one choice. Sulit for 4 people! View their branches View their website View their Facebook page View their Instagram account.

Craving homecooked pasta? The latter includes cheese, fried egg, bacon and sautéed onions. Orders support other Texas businesses, too: the beef comes from 44 Farms in Cameron and the buns are sourced from Sweet Mesquite Bakery in Houston. The Pupusa Bar , Urban Harvest Farmers Market , Buffalo Speedway : Although this El Salvadoran kitchen is in Independence Heights, its namesake dish is only available for pickup at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market or private catering.

Pupusas are a versatile, comforting and gluten-free delight made with a thick corn masa stuffed with assorted fillings.

Each plate comes with pickled cabbage plus housemade red and green salsas. Cantina Barba , North Main: This taco joint gained a loyal following as a food truck and now has permanent digs near the Heights.

Currently orders are available for take-out only. Chung Wang BBQ , Colonial Parkway, Katy: Order up succulent, flavorful Chinese barbecue at this family-owned restaurant in Katy, which is available as-is or as a budget-friendly rice plate.

Mention this article for the deal since is not included on the online ordering page. Choose from six variations of fried rice like vegetable , B. There are plenty of noodle soups, too, plus lo mein and other traditional Chinese dishes.

Order online or visit the storefront. Blonde Biscotti , West Gray: This bright and cheery Midtown café is known for its biscotti with a softer texture, but it also offers other sweet and savory treats that are just as happy on the wallet.

Contrast the crunch with hot or cold coffees, espresso drinks and teas. The extensive menu offers textures, tastes and flavors for every palate.

Additional selections include sides, desserts, smoothies, juices and elixirs. You often find it parked outside Black Hole Coffee Wednesdays through Fridays from 8 a. and Antidote Coffee on Tuesdays evenings and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.

check social media for more details and updates on locations and hours. Orders consist of two inch flour tortillas filled with melted Monterey Jack cheese and your choice of marinated pork al pastor, beer-marinated beef steak fajita, braised pork carnitas or seasoned chicken breast with onions ; and are served with crispy breakfast potatoes drizzled with creamy sriracha mayo, salsa, onions and cilantro.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies Value-for-money discounts improve your browsing experience on rsstaurant Affordable restaurant outings, show restxurant content and targeted ads, analyze Affordable restaurant outings traffic, and understand where our audiences come resturant. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Usewhich became effective December 20, Sometimes a night off from cooking is exactly what a parent needs to feel with-it again. Be sure to check each of these spots before you go, as the state continues to adapt to new guidelines and regulations. To Affordable restaurant outings high-res images, Affirdable photo gallery. Economical grocery prices matter what you're outlngs, Affordable restaurant outings are Afordable of affordable options to choose from in Houston. Check out these wallet-friendly stand outs in a neighborhood near you. Dig into delicious dumplings like the healthy steamed veggie, chicken or pork, all accompanied with a spicy dipping sauce. Since this place offers takeout only, plan to enjoy your dumplings in the food court.

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